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It's time to traverse the mystic probability of finding a person who shares similar views with Heylloz. The aura they create can work like a magnet to your soul. Heylloz emerged from the passion of evading the inability of distinct people to express emotions! The emotional wall fills up and busts to cause stress and anxiety. To break this wall, we made an application where uncomplicated personal connections are valued the most.

Heylloz is a virtual land where you can vibe with your tribe. Here you can match with the soul that resonates with your vibe, and then you are free to dance to the melody of your hearts!

Heylloz believes in creating change in the way people view relationships. Here, no labels or boundaries cease the possibilities of real human connection. If you are someone who wishes to find someone who does not run for a shelter when you are dancing your heart out in the rain or someone who would love to stare at the stars lying on the grass, then Heylloz is your station.

  • Connect with a like-minded soul whose mind's sane but vibe's insane.
  • Go beyond the physical appearance of the person and dwells deep into matching people of similar thought processes.
  • Heylloz isn't just about dating; it's all about talking, meeting, doing diverse activities, attending events and, of course, matching your connection.
How Does Heylloz Help You?

Find the person who resembles you heavenly amidst these simple steps.

  • Download And Create Fun

    Downloading the app will attract the right people from your tribe. Build connections with people around you overcome your social anxiety with heylloz.

  • Step Into Heylloz

    Login to Heylloz and connect with people with whom you want to connect. Your match won't be an entire village, but it may be your resting home.

  • Happy Matching

    Have your best time with us! Like the profiles and keep swiping until you cross paths with someone your wavelength matches.

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Our Mission & Vision

To expand the horizons of our application into making not just your relationships fulfilling but also make sure your mental health is comforted. Our vision is to go beyond the fabricated norms of connections and strive for a bond that satiates your soul. 

Our vision is to make a home in the heart of every person worldwide who is carrying the burden of happiness in their heart! Heylloz is born with the passion of avoiding stress and anxiety with what is meant to solve these all - Genuine Social Relationships! 

Going beyond the superficial level of connections makes you believe that relationships go deep into vibing with a person's aura! With Heylloz, you are never alone- find company whenever your heart desires!

What Do We Offer?

Uncover the diversity of Heylloz features that we are keen to share with you.

Coffee MATE
Spiritual Talk
Sports Activities
Why Choose Heylloz

What if something can help you find a person when your heart calls for the company? There is something that can aid you to fix a partner for a random meet! Or get you an extra one for a matchday at the stadium! That something is Heylloz - a platform wherein you will always be in good company!

Full Mangement

We manage the reflection of your choices that happens when you join the Heylloz network.

Customer Support

You comment, we initiate. Our customer support team will help you with every feedback that implies the app.

Live Chat

Chatting becomes more manageable when we find someone who embraces the uncertainty in life.

Secure Data

We ensure the privacy of your data and will not retaliate against this statement.

Easy Dashboard

Now it's even simpler to find someone who matches your cognitive capabilities through the Heylloz dashboard.

Retina Ready

You have got a chance to use your eyes to surf the world full of beautiful people and connect with the one your vibe matches with.


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