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Heylloz Network Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated under the Companies Act (13) and registered.
Founder Nishant Vaishnav and Co-founder Kamal Malav have come a long way to introduce heylloz.Their passion for Heylloz drove them to
the idea of developing a heylloz network.

Heylloz Networks is your number one source to assist you in reaching people with whom your wavelength matches in just an instinct. We help
you to find like-minded people who empower you and makes you feel love, wanted and fulfilled like never before. We are devoted to helping
you find the one with who you can get along in no time. Open yourself with Heylloz to find the one with whom you can traverse new
possibilities, grow yourself, explore exciting places, create new interests, and feel the inner cosmic pull to venture further that you will never do

Pillers of Heylloz

Nishant Vaishnav


Nishant Vaishnav is the founder of heylloz. He is also a writer, thinker, spiritual life coach and the author of "oTHEr Dimension: Secret Codes of the Universe".

Nishant holds a bachelor in commerce degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Before becoming the author, Nishant served many years in corporate houses and eventually explored career options that highlighted his writing abilities. His search for eternal peace and happiness made him close to the universe and spirituality. He dedicated years to researching medical and psychological healing while communicating with various individuals around him. Seeing the psychological distress, he decides to alleviate the suffering and took the step to approach global mental health. He has an abundance of positive energy that motivates the people around him and brings a positive prospect for readers. His devotion to uncovering new possibilities to improve mental illness brings him close to readers and admires.

Kamal Malav


Kamal Malav is the co-founder of heylloz. He firmly believes that the whole existence is just vibration and wants people to feel the emotions and express their feelings freely.

Kamal holds an Engineering degree in Electronics, a Masters degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

His problem-solving attitude and successfully running the business capabilities makes him stand out from the crowd. He has devoted his life to society, teaching and continuously contributing to writing books. He has written Electronic Devices & Circuits, Electro Magnetic Fields, and many more popular books, making engineering students' lives easy. He has a way of transforming obstacles into opportunities. His perfection and excellence are what inspire thousands of people. He firmly believes that what we are and what actions we take can determine what we become.

We hope you enjoy meeting people you can connect with instantly. If not, don't worry. The Heylloz is working behind the scene and connecting you to people you can have an instant connection with.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us, or you can write a mail at heylloznetworks@gmail.com.


Founder: Nishant Dutt

Co-founder - Kamal Malav

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