How to register / sign up ?
Download the app from App store / Playstore.
Open the app & allow Heylloz to access to location (mandatory)
Click on 'sign up' and provide relevant information along with your photos in the respective domains / spaces.
Reminder ! Your personal info is safe with Heylloz.
You are ready now !
What are the special features in Heylloz?
Well, Heylloz is designed to give you a unique experience this is why it's equipped with many  special features like - 

What is Teleport ?
One of the best features in Heylloz. Imagine having cool people like yourself to hangout with, whenever you go, wherever you go. Bliss ...
 All you need is Heylloz "Teleport" feature !
Make your own gang anywhere you go.
What is 'Supershine', feature ?
Isn't it amazing to be the main character of your life ? With the 'Supershine' feature, this dream can become a reality. Amongst a number of other Heytlloz, yours will shine atop all others. It's your life, be the hero. 
What is Outshine?
What a feeling it is, stealing the spotlight amongst humdreds of people, being the center of attraction. With 'Outshine' feature have your profile highlighted on the very top, as you right swipe a Heylloz. Get it rollin', love !
Tell me more about 'Voice calling' feature.
Don't you wish to just keep talking to a person you like?
There are times when you like some one, but are not comfortable sharing your mobile number with them.
Texting is fine... but where's the fun in that? 
With 'Heylloz Voice Calling facility' you can converse with any one, that too without revealing your mobile number. 
Happy Talking !
What is 'Secret Crush' ?
Oh Look !
Someone just visited your profile. If only you could know who it was...
Well, well, well ... your wish is our command, the 'Secret Crush ' feature is the way to go for you.
Know in an instant who is secretly admiring you.
Oh well, your [ secret admirer ] is not so ' Secret' anymore !
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